Sunday, 28 April 2013

Currently listening to: Amado Leejaram Band

Perhaps the best thing about this band having a Facebook page is that I now know what the official English name for the band is. I was never sure if it should be Amado Lee Jaram Band or Maybe Lee Jaram Band or even the completely anglicised Maybe Jaram Lee Band. But the debate is settled. Amado Leejaram Band it is.

I've been waiting for their debut album (called "Debut") for over a year and now it's out, it has pride of place on my mp3 player. They play in a sort of folk/blues style, and I would say that it has a laid-back, relaxed quality but it's too well played for that.
The verses coil around your heart while the choruses get under your skin, and the production is great, each instrument is clearly defined while Lee Jaram's voice glides over the top. The only drawback is that two of my favourite songs aren't on the album (but live renditions of them are on YouTube here and here) but the songs that did make the final cut are all excellent. This is an early contender for album of the year.

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