Thursday, 4 April 2013

Recommended: Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi

This TV series is perhaps the closest thing to rock 'n' roll that Japanese TV has achieved in the five years or so that I've been watching. It manages to look low-budget but also made with care.

The acting was great throughout, with some notable performances from the supporting cast including, in episode eight, Kuroki Haru. I'd never heard of her before, but she stole every scene she was in which, up against Eita and Matsuda Ryuhei, takes some doing.

In the end, the stories took a turn for the dark. Since the story was about two people who'd do any job, this would invariably attract the attention of the criminal underworld. While this meant there were fewer jokes, it did at least give some kind of climax to the show. If they'd just remained bumbling idiots on the lowest rung of society, I don't know how entertaining it would've been.

The writing was excellent too, covering the sort of stories that you just don't find in other dramas. The dialogue was sharp and witty and natural. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Japanese slang.

It really felt fresh and different. Very funny, very inventive and very well made.


  1. My favorite series this season! It's all very cool, but still there is a warm and vulnerable feeling about this. And don't forget the music! Simple and effective. Especially the slow drum beat when things start happening!
    I never skipped the opening and the end. Both are so enjoyable. Loved the backwards walking, loved the hanging at the table! And (especially at the finale) Ryuhei's zombie walk : D
    AND the song by Sakamoto Shintaro! Good, good stuff! I'm really gonna miss this series! Hey! I just found out that most of the soundtrack is done by Sakamoto san! : )
    Oh! And that Kuroki Haru is working on a lot of interesting movies this year ; ) Also the latest movie by Yamada Yoji!!

  2. couldn't agree more with Kuroki Haru, she's really (almost) stole the entire show in ep8.

    not just the show, Gyoten is well written as well for me.

    thanks for the review :)

    out of topic>> waiting patiently for your next subbing project :D

  3. According to asianwiki, Kuroki Haru is appearing in four films this year. That's pretty impressive.

    1. wow, one of them as the main lead with Ayano Go :D

      my english is poor, sorry :P

      I'm the anonymous obove by the way =_=".

  4. And now she's just won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival!