Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Currently watching: Last Cinderella

This is another in a long line of dramas about people who can't find love in modern Japan. And it's becoming a very long line indeed.

Shinohara Ryoko plays Sakura, a 39-year old beautician who gives advice about love to her customers but hasn't had a boyfriend in ten years.

To be honest, this drama doesn't add to the genre. It feels a lot like Renai Neet: an old woman meets a sexy young man, but there seems to be some hidden motive behind his interest. Is this all just a game for him?

Add to this a love-hate relationship with the shop's new manager, a flirty friend who sleeps around, and it all feels very familiar. The writing is quite flat, and relies a lot on coincidences to move the story along, and some of the acting in a couple of scenes is very wooden.

I shall give this a couple of episodes, but I can't see myself lasting until the finale, unless there's a drastic improvement.

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