Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Currently watching: Bloody Monday

I’ve seen this described as “Japan’s 24” and since it’s coming back for a second series I thought I’d give it a go. It’s a tense thriller based around a terrorist organisation getting its hand on a virus which they intend to use on the Japanese public. The police have enlisted the aid of a genius hacker who isn’t yet out of high school and whose dad, just to make things awkward, has gone over to the side of the terrorists.

It’s certainly a cut above the other suspense-led programmes I’ve watched such as Boss, Majo Saiban and Team Batista no Eiko (which I gave up on) for the simple reason that the main characters are under genuine threat, although you may want to wait until the cliffhanger is resolved in the next episode before discovering who has actually died.

Perhaps its only failing is the title itself. It’s certainly difficult to give any phrase a sense of evil portent when you’re so clearly mispronouncing it. But that’s a minor thing. Overall this is a compelling adventure, perhaps somewhat improbable at times but it’s certainly a lot easier to suspend disbelief than with others of the same genre.

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