Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just started: Densha Otoko

After a run of detective series, I’ve started looking around for something lighter in tone. So, after not a great deal of thought I chose this show which I’ve known about for a while but never got round to seeing. In this series, apparently based on a true story, an emotionally stunted otaku (geek, for want of a better word) falls in love with a woman he meets on a train when he stands up to a drunk who is harassing her. His faltering steps towards some kind of relationship are helped and/or hindered by the advice he receives from an internet forum he frequents.

Episode one begins faultlessly, with the guy in deepest Akihabara with his geek friends, and her at a party on a boat which is so posh it has English waiters. Thus having set up the two entirely different worlds of our heroes, it launches into a theme song by the Electric Light Orchestra before the story proper can begin. Ten minutes in and I’m already sold.

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