Monday, 11 January 2010

Just finished: Boss

Spoilers ahead. Steady as you go...

After being fairly unremarkable for most of the series, the final two episodes of this series do make a valiant attempt at increasing the tension and, for a while, it does look as if some of the lead characters are in peril. Mostly, though, that peril only lasts for thirty seconds or so before disappearing.

So while everyone makes it to the end in one piece, the final scene is a fairly cack-handed attempt at building up suspense about the possibility of a second series. All of a sudden, the boss is going back to the US. Why? No idea. But wait – she’s just got a phone call! Maybe that’ll convince her to stay.

Or not.

In the end, it was an entertaining series, but somewhat underwhelming. I got the impression – with swooping computer graphics to set up scenes, and the occasional use of profiling and psychology bits – that this was originally going to be more based around crimes and detection rather than focusing on the characters before somewhere along the line it turned into something more light-hearted.

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