Saturday, 2 January 2010

Currently watching: Tokyo Friend Park 2

About a week or so ago, I was looking for things about the film Virgin Killer Road (which I still haven't seen) when I found that the cast had been on this show to promote it. So I downloaded it, and found myself watching a game show in which famous people compete in silly games for prizes. I actually first heard of this show (without learning the name) a few years ago when I read about a Japanese game show in which contestants wore a special suit and flung themselves at a velcro wall for points - the higher the better. And the rest of the game follows in a similar vein, with a mix of physical challenges and general knowledge.

I enjoyed it, so started to look around for other episodes and found one with some of the cast from Bloody Monday. I usually see Kichise Michiko acting as a cold, impassive terrorist or as the cold, impassive Liar Game organiser so I couldn't pass up the chance to see her as a competitive, energetic normal human being. It turns out the Bloody Monday team were pretty good - I've seen a few episodes of TFP2 and they seem to be the best so far. So if I ever find myself needing to put together a team of celebrities to acheive a series of knockabout stunts for the chance of winning some golf clubs, I know who to ask.

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