Thursday, 1 July 2010

Currently watching: Sunao ni Narenakute

This tale of young adults who live, laugh and fall in love with each other meanders on to whatever conclusion it inevitably comes to. Heading into the latter half of the series and the twitter part has mostly been dropped. It’s served its purpose, and any interesting use of such a means of communication between friends has been replaced by the more traditional storytelling devices of having people turn up unannounced or meeting accidentally.

The one-sided love affair between Doctor and Haru is one of the more interesting aspects of the show, and Doctor’s gawky over-enthusiasm is nicely played. I’ll be interested to see how his obsession changes when the futility of his situation becomes obvious, even to him. Stalker or suicidal. Or he could be hideously embarrassed and apologetic, which is what everyone else in the show seems to do when they display any kind of attraction to someone else. Place your bets.


  1. My bet is a WTF comment when you see the ending. And I didn't finish watching the show, dropped the ball on ep4, as much as I love Juri and Eita.

    From what I discussed with my friend, there was just too much going on.

  2. Yeah, at it's worst, it's a series of people taking turns to fall in love with Eita but I do like Doctor. I want to see where that storyline goes.