Thursday, 8 July 2010

Just finished: Bloody Monday 2

* spoilers? You know it! *

A sequel that’s better than the original? In this case, I think so. While the final climax is something of a damp squib and relies a lot on people not dying when shot in the chest, the build up is pretty imaginative. The clear highlight being the episode where they have to disarm a computer-controller sniper rifle held in the arms of a cuddly toy panda which is motion-tracking a small boy’s head as he plays in his room. Genius.

The drawback is that as the stakes get higher, those members of the cast chosen for their youthful good looks seem to struggle with the more emotional scenes. Hornet, the evil hacker, is supposed to be deranged and dangerous but just comes across as contrary – the kind of opinionated teenager we’ve all met on internet forums. Meanwhile, even the main star can’t seem to get across any emotional gravitas.

So, we’ve got a curious mix of clever stories and unengaging characters. Certainly, I think it helped that I’d seen the first series: since I’d seen them go through all that, I wanted to stick this out to the end. Had I come in on the second series, I do wonder how long I would’ve lasted.

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