Friday, 17 September 2010

Currently watching: Chase

I saw a review of this a while back on another blog, and thought it looked interesting: the sort of thing I'd like. I then promptly forgot about it until I saw it listed amongst TV series starring Aso Kumiko, so I decided to give it a go. I should be ashamed. I wish I could say I started watching this because I like challenging dramas with complex stories, but in fact I chose it because it has a pretty lady in it. I'm so shallow.

Which is something you can't say about the series itself. If you thought a show about tax evasion wouldn't be interesting, give this a go and marvel at how wrong you can be. The jargon pings back and forth, and the techniques used to break the law (and to defend it) show that the writers have gone to great lengths to research this. Meanwhile, the directing is tight and the actors give the script the talent it deserves.

Even small things in the storyline impress me. For example, the new member of the team is not there for comic relief, nor is he an idealist who's there to make the grumpy bosses realise how bitter and cynical they've become. In fact, he's there because he's good at his job! So simple, yet such a refreshing change.

Download this and feel the quality.

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