Thursday, 9 September 2010

Currently watching: Unubore Deka

Alongside Atami no Sousakan, Jikou Keisatsu and Zettai Reido, I've been overdosing a bit on detective series recently. Especially those with a comedic twist. Unubore Deka tells the story of a detective who thinks he's irresistible to women, and who falls for the women who commit the the crimes he's working on, and he's aided by useless advice about love from his friends at a local bar. Add to this his boss is married to the same woman who left him broken hearted some years ago. Oh, and he lives with his dad who writes up his adventures, which are then shown on TV as a drama with a friend of his in the lead role.

If it sounds complicated, it all becomes clear once things get started. Well, perhaps the TV series bit doesn't work so well, but at least it gives Ikuta Toma something to do, and he is funny as the talentless-but-attractive actor who's out of his depth as a drama lead.

Of course, most of the praise goes to Nagase Tomoya as the main character. His performance is just the right side of over-the-top, and he displays some faultless comic timing. He's helped by a top script that's very funny and sharply written (and big thanks to the subbers for their great work on this). It's a little formulaic, but even four episodes in, the writers have started to have fun with the format. I'll be following this to the end, no doubt.


  1. did you love ep02? I just got the latest episode, hope I have the time to watch it this weekend.

    You really REALLY must watch Tiger & Dragon then.

  2. It was nice to see Aoi Yu playing somebody evil for a change. I'll definitely try and track down Tiger & Dragon once I'm done with this one.

  3. I didn't know how convincing her guiltyCharacter was going to be, because I'm iffy on her "evil" characters - ao to mizu iro, and high school teacher - , but I bought her monologue. I think she's getting better.