Monday, 27 September 2010

Just watched: Kimi no Yubisaki

I'm not a fan of Horikita Maki. For whatever reasons, she just never seems to appear in dramas that interest me and apart from a minor part in one of the Trick movies and some DoCoMo adverts, she's largely passed me by. So I didn't have high hopes for this, but it's a short film and I thought "I used to like short films when I was a student", so I decided to try it.

The story line, what there is of it, concerns two schoolgirls on one afternoon. They talk about unimportant stuff, but before long it becomes clear that there's something they want to say to each other. Or to be exact, that one wants to say something to the other, but can't. Or daren't.

The acting is fine, although neither Horikita Maki nor Kuroki Meisa are particularly stretched. The directing style is interesting. There's a distinct lack of colour in the film – the girls are both wearing white shirts, the buildings on the school roof are white and the sky and sea are bleached out to pale greys. It's a quiet, unassuming and rather sweet film. The sort of thing I would've liked when I was a student.


  1. So it's from the director of Su.Ki.Da - From your description it seems like similar styled projects, and I just couldn't get into Su.Ki.Da even with Miyazaki and Eita there. xD

    I saw Morikita last night on Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. I don't understand why everyone fuzzes about her.

  2. I watched the first seven minutes or so of Su.Ki.Da on Daily Motion. Yep - exactly the same style of directing. It's quite lazy and leisurely and any dialogue was quite bland and trivial. It's quite hypnotic, so I don't dislike it but if you don't like endless shots of the sky, I can see how it could get boring.

    And there seems to be A LOT of sky in his films.

  3. I like sky shots, but not when they're over 30% of the film. xD