Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The return of Kabachitare!

Well, this was unexpected. When I saw this back on the first page of d-addicts, I thought it was someone bumping an old thread, asking if anyone can re-seed it. Turns out that B.O.N funsubs have picked this up to finally finish it off. Previously only two episodes had been subbed but those two were enough to get me interested.

The programme (originally broadcast in 2000) is about two women: a pessimistic, cynical lawyer, and an optimistic, naïve waitress. They are brought together by chance and forge an unlikely friendship, mostly based on complaining that they're still single. The storylines are pretty flimsy, but it's the interplay between the two women that's the main attraction. Fakatsu Eri can go from cold and impassive to quirky with ease, and she talks so fast that I'm not surprised that the original subbers dropped it. Tokiwa Takako also shines as her idealist friend, and the two of them complement each other perfectly.

It also has some nice cameos, from Shinohara Ryoko as a vindictive police officer, and the comedian Abukawa Mihoko in two brief but memorable appearances in episodes one and two.

Cross fingers that the new subbing team can go the distance...

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