Sunday, 13 March 2011

Avoid: Cast Me If You Can

Recently I noticed that I’ve been writing a lot about TV series that involve mysteries or crimes to solve. So I made an effort to look for something a bit different. I think I may have started on the wrong foot with this mis-shapen lump of a romantic comedy.

The performances are poor, with most of the cast sleep-walking through their lines. Nagazaku Hiromi (Funuke – Show Some Love You Losers) adds a bit of zing to her scenes, but it’s a hopeless case. The writing, too, is poor with one disjointed scene following another with no flow and seemingly no progression at all. The viewer is given no time to get to know the characters, with the result that nothing they do makes any sense. The main character is an actor who is frustrated by always being in supporting or minor roles. So when a pretty woman recognises him, his reaction of dismissive disdain  is baffling. He could at least smile.

In one scene outside a hospital, Hiromi gives her phone to the lead male role (played by Masukoa Toru) so he can enter his phone number into it. He looks blank for a second, and then walks into the hospital while still carrying it. This is just a way of getting her to meet his father who is a famous playwright. At the end of the scene he gives her the phone back without a word of explanation.

I made it through the first hour, waiting for it to get better, but then I gave up. I think the most appropriate criticism is to point out that when looking for attractive or interesting screenshots, I decided to use a bit of the title sequence. Mind you, it is a very nice title sequence. Shame about the film that came after it.

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