Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Still watching: Control – Hanzia Shinri Sousa

Actually, the most exciting thing to happen during episode seven was when I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back. By gum, that hurt! But apart from my own self-inflicted injuries, I’m glad I stuck with this series.

I’ve started to warm to the main characters, Segawa Rio (the down to earth cop) and Nagumo Jun (the psychology professor who gives her advice). Their relationship has steered clear of any overacting or blatant love interest. And I appreciate how the unrequited love for Rio from one of the other officers is handled, so that you slowly realise it over a number of episodes rather than have an obvious clue early on, such as him stammering or acting clumsy whenever she is near.

It’s been improving for a while and episode seven is, perhaps, the best episode to date. A psychological theory is introduced in the opening scenes, and then we see how that theory can effect a police investigation. In this case, about the fallibility of memory.

I still think it’s not as good as Galileo, but I think I was a bit harsh earlier: This is definitely one of the better attempts at a light-hearted cop series this season. Simply because it doesn't spend too much time being light-hearted.

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