Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lee Hyori trending by accident

So today I went to lunch with a friend and he asked me if I'd heard of Lee Hyori. This came as a surprise, since he'd shown no interest in Korean pop until then. I said I had, and asked how he knew her.

It turns out that there's a new book coming out based on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the book by Ian Fleming rather than the song by Lee Hyori). So #chittychittybangbang started trending on twitter and my friend noticed, amongst the people writing about the book and the film, there were a number of tweets about how great it was that people still remembered this song, and how much they loved Lee Hyori. Certainly, enough people mentioned it that he remembered her name. I don't know how much it raised her profile in the UK, but I suppose a little free publicity can't hurt.

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  1. Kpop is indeed a power thing. They've made a bunch of names trending topics worlwide over the few months...