Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Currently watching: the channel on YouTube

In between all the slick over-produced images that get thrown at us, and the quirky amateur videos that get passed around by email, it’s nice to find something on YouTube that doesn’t try too hard. According to this interview, is a collection of seven graduates from the same university in Korea who get together to record songs and post videos. The whole vibe is like watching videos of some talented friends, as they try out new ideas.

There are a lot of cover versions, and how well they work often depends on your attitude to the original song. The original material, though, holds up well against the more famous songs. The most prolific in terms of videos (and they have an album out) is the band J Rabbit, but all of them are worth your time. Yana’s version of Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” is great, full of energy and humour, and leeSA’s version of “TikTok” is, I think, better than the original.

Given that most of the videos are based around one camera/one shot, they do well in keeping your interest visually. Their sense of enjoyment really comes through, and it’s nice to be reminded of why a lot of people play music in the first place – because it’s fun.


  1. I think everyone does TikTok better than Ke$ha. LOL

    But yeah, just bought the J Rabbit album on Soribada xD - there's a link on the review of the album on the site. Gave a copy to a friend as a bday gift already~~~

  2. I may have to pay a visit to yesasia, since there's the salyu x salyu album out soon. I'll have to stop reading your blog - it'll cost me a fortune!

  3. I ordered the Salyuxsalyu album which was postponed on HMV JP... and I bought the digital album on Sorbada xD

    Plan on making everyone as broke as me LOL