Thursday, 26 April 2012

Currently watching: Kagi no Kakatta Heya

Before I sat down to watch this, I didn't know anything about this TV series, except that someone from Arashi was in the lead role and that it involved solving crimes in the classic genre of "locked room" murders. That is, the victim is found in a locked room that no one could get in to or out of. Everyone suspects suicide until Enomoto Kei, an expert in locks, is called in.

Because I knew very little, when I saw the lead female character – a demure, plainly-dressed woman with straight black hair – I thought, hmm, she looks a bit like Toda Erika. Then when I heard her speak I realised it was her. So, full marks to her for making herself different enough that I didn't recognise her. Ohno Satoshi is fine in the lead role, except that his character is an emotionless genius, so he doesn't really have to do much acting.

The first two stories are quite interesting and cleverly done. The drama is based on a novel, so hopefully there'll be enough ideas to keep the show going until the end. So far, there's been no hint as to what the overall storyline might be, except a jokey reference that the Enomoto might have been a criminal once. A genius with a dark secret in his past that comes back to haunt him? He wouldn't be the first.

Sato Koichi (The Magic Hour, The Uchoten Hotel) supplies some nice comedy moments as the powerful lawyer who is appalled by Enomoto Kei's geeky knowledge but also wants to impress him with his own deductive powers.

But mostly, it's all about the stories. And they've been good so far. I shall be watching this with great interest.

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