Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Not watching: Dirty Mama

When I started this blog, I told myself that I wouldn't watch things just so I could review them. Instead, I would simply write about what ever caught my interest at that time. So, although I turned off episode eight of Dirty Mama halfway through, I had plans to finish the series. Unfortunately, ten minutes into episode nine I realised that the only reason I was watching it was to write about it, and stopped there and then.

Episode eight was the real death blow. One of the police officers has a son who doesn't respect him and is hanging out with a bad crowd. So unconventional detective Maruoka gets him involved in some criminal activity. At first, he's delighted at how cool it all is, but then it turns scary and once the gang find out his dad is a cop, they hold him hostage.

I'm going to guess that it ends with his dad (until now, a desk-bound middle manager) rescuing him heroically and so he finally learns to appreciate his father for who he truly is. I will never know. I think it's a safe bet, though.

And after that I couldn't take any more. I don't mind if a show is daft, or doesn't make much sense, but when it's as bland as this I can't forgive it.

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