Thursday, 19 April 2012

Currently watching: Toshi Densetsu no Onna

This new series sort of fits into the same genre as Trick, Puzzle and Galileo because it takes a crime, and hints that it may be due to paranormal forces. Finally, it ties everything up in a nice, neat, non-spooky explanation.

The story concerns a detective, Otonashi (played by Nagasawa Masami, whose legs are featured so prominently in the show that they should get a credit of their own), who is obsessed with urban myths. She's convinced that there may be a grain of truth to them, and she dreams that one day she'll be involved in a crime that involves a genuine urban myth.

So in episode one, we have an apparent suicide near a shrine to an ancient war lord which is believed to curse anyone who disrespects it. Is this a case of murder from beyond the grave? Otonashi throws herself into the case, seemingly unaware of how people react to her strange theories and just as unconcerned about her frustrated boss.

It's a fun piece of television. Mizobata Junpei (BOSS, Shinzanmono) is funny as the love-struck officer from forensics. I think it helps that I'm also interested in urban legends, so I was pleased to see that they used a real one, and didn't make one up so they could fit a murder around it. It's almost educational.


  1. i love to know about the Japanese's urban myth in this drama, so interesting
    and i love Cast too.
    Junpei&Masami They are so cute together >3<

  2. i'm currently watching this drama..