Monday, 21 May 2012

Currently watching: Answer

The idea behind this police show is a slim one. After highlighting poor police practices to the media, a police officer (Shinkai Akira, played by Mizuki Arisa) is quickly moved to head of the Evidence Verification section where it's hoped she won't cause any more problems.

Basically, this section of the police is little lore than a proof-reading department, where grammatical mistakes in crime reports are corrected. So this is not a department for making sure the police do their job properly, but a safe place for officers who aren't very keen on being officers.

But Shinkai Akira has other ideas, and she sets about making her reluctant staff investigate those parts of the report which don't make sense. Thus, new evidence is uncovered and innocent suspects are set free.

It's okay. The format works fine, and the characters are fun. The stories are okay and everything works well. The best part of the show belongs to Yutaka Matsushige (above) and Tsurutaro Kataoka (below) as the two aging pen-pushers who are forced to start investigating crimes again.

Apart from this, it's very much crime-drama-by-numbers. Watchable, but forgettable.

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