Thursday, 3 May 2012

Not Watching: Ataru and Mirai Nikki

Two big series this season, but neither has particularly grabbed me. Episode two of Ataru confirmed my suspicions: it simply isn't much fun to watch the autistic Chokozai slowly drip-feed clues to the police. While I commend the makers of this show for trying something new, it just isn't very exciting. Meanwhile, the mix of comedy and drama is too uneven, with Kuriyama Chiaki over-acting one second and then getting all wistful about her deceased mother the next.

Mirai Nikki (based on a manga, but apparently with a new storyline) is about a teenager who sees no future for himself, and so avoids studying or looking for work or anything useful to society. Then one day he gets a new smart phone that tells him what's about to happen in his life. At first, this is great, as he can use the information to win big at Pachinko, but then it tells him about his parent's divorce and then about his imminent death.

A nice idea, but it doesn't quite work. For a start, the fight scenes have the least appropriate music I've ever heard. While our hero is fighting for his life, some anonymous pop tune is playing in the background.

Then there are all the questions left by the first episode that are supposed to keep us watching. Who is the girl? Where did this phone come from? Why did his dad suddenly turn up to try to save him? Was that actually his dad? Why did he have a phone too? Has everyone got one?

All of this is supposed to emphasise the confusing new life that our hero now has, but it just feels like the writer is making it up as they go along.


  1. I tried to avoid anything that has Okada Masaki as a lead. xD I don't find him very interesting... EVER. I just began watching Tsumi to Batsu (just got the first ep, even though it's only CHinese harsubbed) - I hope someone picks it up. Looks super interesting xD

    Cough, this is the part where I ask you if you're interested hahaha.

  2. I haven’t seen Tsumi to Batsu, but I’ve heard good things about it. The idea that it’s dark, even for a WOWOW drama interests me. Are there any Japanese subs available? I’d like to have a go if there are. But I actually have a job at the moment, so it wouldn’t be for a month or so.

    1. I haven't heard whether there are Japanese subs available, since the comms are just posting the Chinese hardsubs. if I ever ran into the Japanese captioning, I'll let you know~

      btw, great work on Toshi Densetsu~~~

  3. Thanks. I'm looking forward to doing another series, just so I can get some idea if this one's been easy or not.