Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just watched: Go Find A Psychic!

A few months ago I dreamt that Nagasawa Masami was my girlfriend (February 18th, to be exact. I made a note in my sketchbook). I don't remember much except that it was very early in the relationship and the only image I can recall is following her through a doorway in a house.

I think the dream was more caused by having just finished Yasashii Jikan, not that it was a premonition of the sudden increase in things I've seen with her in, but it makes a nice introduction to this review of a film where Masami plays a woman searching for a real psychic.

In Go Find A Psychic! (or, Bend, Spoon! as it's also known) Masami plays Sakurai Yone, a researcher for a TV show about psychics, and she is given the task of finding a genuine one. She stumbles upon a coffee shop where four psychics meet up, but they don't want her to know about their powers so they play dumb.

There's a nice section when one of the psychics discovers (using his x-ray vision) that there's a poisonous spider in Yone's business card holder, and they have to get it from her without her suspecting that they found out by supernatural means.

In fact, the film has many funny scenes in it, but they're joined together by a very thin storyline. And the ending is a bit strange, with lots of shots of children looking up at a light in the sky which is probably a UFO. So this is a nice but oddly unsatisfying movie.

And the whole thing takes place on Christmas Eve. Come to think of it, I think it may be a Christmas movie. I only just worked that out. So much for me being psychic.

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