Saturday, 12 May 2012

Recommended: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

This series is in serious danger of collapsing under the weight of it's own reputation. A reputation that I am now adding to. I'd heard good things about this so often that it almost discouraged me from watching it at all. In the end, I decided I had to sit down and give it a chance.

The story involves a successful architect in his 40s (played by Abe Hiroshi) who isn't married and shows no sign of getting married soon. He lives what many people might see as the perfect life: successful career and a nice home with enough money and freedom to do what he likes when he likes. It seems that in this ideal existence there's no need or want of a wife.

However, during the twelve episodes, we see him have to deal with three potential relationships. With his boss, his new next-door neighbour and his doctor. And of these, the main storyline concerns the doctor, played to perfection by Natsukawa Yui, my new favourite lady.

It's an enjoyable series, and the character of the architect Kuwano-san is very nicely observed and acted. The scenes when he gleefully spends an evening playing the Game Of Life or builds a model boat by himself reminded me of those days when I've spent hours in a geeky self-centred activity that no one else would take much interest in. In fact, this blog might be considered in the same way by quite a few of my friends.

The storylines of each episode are well-written and believable right up until the end. The interplay between everyone is fun, especially in those scenes with Abe Hiroshi and Natsukawa Yui. They're great together and I note with delight that they've been in several films together. I shall have to track those down too.

Even the minor characters, like the girl at the convenience store, the guy at the DVD place and the waitress are nicely portrayed. So in conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this show which is a cut above the usual "quick, get married before it's too late" style comedies.


  1. And not just Kuwano-san leading the perfect life: when I had my daughter watch this, her comment was "I think the lady doctor's lonely life actually looks pretty good: Beer, ramen and a spa after work, plus reading at the manga cafe? That looks wonderful!" And all the characters are so likable. It was kind of a shock to see Takashima Reiko playing a backstabbing bitch in Coach when she's always been such a sympathetic character in everything else I've seen. Did you have the version with the two goldfish in the bowl after the credits of the last episode? I liked that touch.

  2. I do have the version with the goldfish right at the end, but I'll be honest I didn't get the significance until you mentioned it and I thought about it for a while.

  3. I knew you would enjoy it...LOL
    Now that Natsukawa Yui is you favorite lady, make sure you watch Muri na Renai, where she is also terrific!

  4. I'd like to watch Muri na Renai, also because Sakai Masaaki is in it and it'd be nice to see him in something other than Monkey. But early signs for finding it aren't good. It's not even on Dramacrazy!

  5. go to d-addicts and go to the seed request index located on the left side of the page and put in your request to seed. I think bmwracer has it and will usually seed it if no one else is. Good luck.

  6. I've seen so many Abe Hiroshi's dorama. Beside this one, there are also Shinzanmono and Going My Home. This dorama is one of my favorites, but Going My Home is also great. If you like Abe Hiroshi's Still Walking (Aruitemo Aruitemo), I think Going My Home is highly recommended because those two have the same style.

  7. I just finished watching this drama the Korean and Japanese version. Good thing, I love them both. And I do recommend to watch them both because things will make you clearer.Even if I'm not satisfied with the ending this drama gives me a sweet feeling that is unexplainable. Actually, I quite see myself in Kuwano's life. Right now, I definitely support Abe Hiroshi and Yui Natsukawa. Good job guys! And I hope for more projects to come that the two of you are involved. God bless. :)