Monday, 25 October 2010

Currently watching: Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso

This is another in the long list of Japanese crime shows in which the main protagonist is a fake psychic, or debunks psychic phenomena. Or in this case, both. Ishihara Satomi stars as Odagiri Kyoko, a famous TV psychic, who despises the dishonesty of her job and wants to leave but can't. Her fame has been noticed by some unidentified law enforcement department that sends an agent to investigate. However, it's made clear to this agent – played by Tanihara Shosuke - that if this psychic is a fake like the other 107 he's investigated, he's going to get the sack.

So with the two main characters with opposite ideas about if she should come out as a fake, the stage is set for some comedy mystery capers. It's very light-hearted, and while shows like Galileo, Trick and Puzzle were all about murderers, this show's mysteries are pretty low key: two episodes in and we've had a ghostly groper and a psychic pig. But a couple of long-running stories are neatly set up in episode one (the law agency, and Kyoko's sick brother) so you know that there is something more important happening.

It's a funny show, and Tanihara Shosuke is a great partner for Ishihara Satomi. The idea that no one can identify Odagiri Kyoko once she's out of her costume is a bit unlikely. She's quite distinctive. Although I will say one thing: Satomi absolutely rocks a big woolly hat.

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