Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Just finished: Jikou Keisatsu

You know, I should try and find time to write about the end of Atami no Sousakan. In the meantime...

* spoilers ahoy! *

Well, they're not really spoilers. But better safe than sorry.

Having finished the second series, which was pretty similar to the first, I can happily report the quality stays high to the end although I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a proper conclusion to the love interest. Instead we had a reference to Satoshi Miki's forthcoming film "Instant Swamp" (the stuff in the jar is instant swamp. If you see the film, it all becomes clear).

Odagiri Joe and Aso Kumiko are both great as the two lead roles, and they're ably supported by the rest of the cast. Fuse Eri is clearly the funniest woman in Japan, and Iwamatsu Ryo also impresses as the lovable boss. He also directed episode three. Versatile man.

The first series had, perhaps, the better crimes to solve but that's not to take away from the fun to be had in series two. Now that the characters are already established from series one, the writers start to have some fun. The two detectives who come in from time to time and try to impress people become increasingly surreal with each episode. And it's interesting to read that episode eight, in which Odagiri Joe's character is hospitalised, is actually written and directed by Joe himself.

I really enjoyed this. Funny and intelligent. And I still think this would do well in the UK.

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