Thursday, 14 October 2010

Currently watching: We Got Married

Much as I like to tell myself I'm a sophisticated gentleman with high quality tastes, of course, this isn't true, as was recently demonstrated by me stumbling upon this game/reality show from Korea.

I first heard about this because Ueno Juri appeared in an episode. Thinking it was a drama, I downloaded it with subs and found myself watching a show in which two famous people seemed to be pretending to be man and wife in everyday life, while some other people in a studio commented on their actions. I did a little research to find out more and, it turns out, that's pretty much what it is.

The episode in question abruptly ended with Ueno Juri still at the “married” couples' flat so, clearly, I had to watch the next one. Then that episode ended with the couple, having said goodbye to Juri, heading off to some mystery location in the Korean countryside. And so, again, I had to watch the next one.

By the end of the third episode I'd seen, I definitely wanted to see more. It's an odd concept, and it seems to be a way for TV to generate celebrity gossip that people can then talk about on TV. And the editing is a little peculiar, with no shame in repeating statements or expressions from different angles. This is a bit distracting, and I sometimes wish the editor wasn't making such an effort to make sure we get every little detail.

I've started watching some of the early episodes, and it is interesting to see them in the early days being far more awkward in each other's company. I don't know if I'll watch all of them, but it certainly has a soap opera charm to keep me coming back for more.

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  1. hi, merry christmas! you should try watching we got married with the lettuce/ joongbo couple (kim hyun joong, hwangbo), that's the couple that i love most from the show~