Saturday, 16 October 2010

Not watching...

Just a quick round up on those series which I started watching but have recently fallen by the wayside.

First up is Zettai Reido. Actually, it's only been subbed up to episode eight, which I'm not that bothered about since I've only just got caught up. It's a well-meaning drama, but it simply didn't grab me. The fact that the crimes being investigated were very old meant that there was no immediate danger. This was fine for a comedy, like Jikou Keisatsu (which also based its stories on the same 15-year law) but in a tense drama, it left the action feeling flat. I'm sure I will finish this, but I'm in no hurry.

Next comes Shinzanmono. I wrote about this a while back, and the early signs were good. But it fell into the same trap as Zettai Reido – no sense of urgency. By episode five, the murder they were investigating was all but forgotten and I did wonder what all these people had to do with the crime. So I left it for other shows. Like Zettai Reido, I'll probably come back to it: perhaps there's some deviously clever way that it all ties together. We shall see.

Then there are two series that I haven't previously written about. Tobo Bengoshi is a “The Fugitive” style drama about a lawyer fighting to clear his name for a murder he didn't commit. But recently I kind of over-dosed on law shows, so I just stopped watching. I didn't think it was particularly bad – although a lawyer played by one of the contestants from Quiz Hexagon II was a bit of a stretch – but then, it wasn't that good either.

Lastly is Gakeppuchi no Eri. A struggling actress battles through adversity and art school. This left me very underwhelmed, and I dropped it after a couple of episodes.The situation, characters, humour and storyline all left me cold.

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